.Net Interview Questions Asked in MNC.

  1. Can we create multiple dbcontext in single entity framework application, please explain if not then why and if yes then what will be real-time use of this.
  2. In code first approach how new tables updated to database through entity framework.
  3. What is odata in webapi and what is controller name for odata.
  4. How you can test your webapi through unit testing.
  5. if webapi and client application is hosted on different environment then what type of challenges you face.
  6. What is Cors in webapi.
  7. What is attribute routing .
  8. What are the attributes which is applied to class and methods in unit testing.
  9. Write a query to find record from table where name start with “S”.data should be fetch using entity framework.

      WebAPI questions:

  1. Have to experience in webapi and are you consumer or developer of those api’s ?
  2. What is difference between wcf and webapi. If wcf is hot in demand then why you select webapi ?
  3. What does REST means,how state transfer through the network?
  4. What are necessary steps to create Webapi from scratch?
  5. What is difference between conventional routing and attribute routing.Is both routing works together and when you select conventional routing and attribute routing?
  6. How to enable attribute routing?
  7. How many filters are in webapi ?
  8. How to register global filters in Webapi ?
  9. What is major security concern in webapi ?what is CORS and how to make webapi compatible to support CORS, define all necessary steps ?
  10. Have you implement security in webapi, if yes then what approach you have followed. Explain in detail.
  11. What is Oauth and Owin based authentication?
  12. How you serialize and deserialize json object to C# native objects?
  13. What is OWASP? What are the top 10 security flaws ?
  14. How you can test webapi ?


MVC interview Questions:

  1. What is routing in MVC and how MVC routing differs from WebApi Routing?
  2. What is Constraints in Mvc routing and how many ways to implement this?
  3. What is Child Action in Mvc ?
  4. What is advantage of Mvc as compare to conventional web form application?
  5. How you implement caching in Mvc ?
  6. How you handle XSS and CSRF in Mvc ?
  7. Have you used code first approach in Mvc if yes then how you manage data concurrency?
  8. In code first approach, when new property added to entity then what happen? Is new column added in database table or any error comes. If errors comes then what is the process to resolve this?
  9. Can we use multiple dB contexts with single database in code first approach?

SQL Interview questions:

  1. What is CTE and how CTE differ from temp tables?
  2. Is it possible to create index on views?
  3. What is table valued functions and variable and give me real-time scenario when you can use these?
  4. What is covering indexes?
  5. Can you apply joins with table value functions?
  6. What is left outer join?
  7. Have u create user defined data types in Sqlserver and explain with real-time example where you had used?
  8. How you can ensure store procedure cannot be read after creation?


Oops Interview Questions:

  1. How many design patterns you have used, related each one with real-time use case in your project?
  2. What is difference between Abstract class and interface?
  3. What is the importance of interface in unit testing?
  4. Which test framework you used in your last project? Have you ever used MOQ?